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Main Park News – 1st November

Alton Towers has now closed after a very successful 2004 season. The park will reopen after the closed season on the 12th March – hopefully to the arrival of RITA – more news to follow.

Tips for a good day out – Make sure you make the most of your visit to Alton Towers and make it a day to remember. Take a look at the tips for hints to what areas are quietest when and where to eat etc.

Height Restrictions and Disabled guide – Make sure you are aware of all the ride’s height restrictions and if you are disabled visitor where to enter all the rides and which shows have easy disabled access. – Coming Soon !!

History of Alton Towers – learn all the facts about Alton Towers’ long and interesting history.

Park Maps – Either view the present park map so you know where all the rides are within the park or take a look at some of the past season’s maps.

Alton Towers Hotel – Take a look at the first of Alton Towers 2 hotels and learn about the many advantages staying at the Alton Towers Hotel has.

Splash Landings – Learn all about Alton Towers’ newest Caribbean themed hotel and view some of the latest pictures.

Cariba Creek – Europe’s first waterpark connected to a hotel. Check out all the rides at Cariba Creek and view the awesome photo Gallery.

Spinball Whizzer – Check out the latest construction news and pictures of Spinball Whizzer – Alton Towers’ new coaster for 2004.

Conference Centre – Take a look at a review and a selection of pictures of the Alton Towers Conference Centre.