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Main Park News – 1st November

Alton Towers has now closed after a very successful 2004 season. The park will reopen after the closed season on the 12th March – hopefully to the arrival of RITA – more news to follow.

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2004 Review – Take a look at Alton Towers Discovered’s review of the 2004 season!

Splash Landings – Find out more about Europe’s first waterpark hotel, Splash landings and water paradise, Cariba Creek.

History – Find out more about the very interesting history of the grounds of Alton Towers.

Park News and Updates

03/01/05 – RITA Track Update

Alton Towers Discovered has a new update of RITA pictures. These pictures can be found in the News gallery and a new RITA page a construction archive gallery will be added to the site soon. Click here to see the pictures.

18/01/04 – Official Announcements

Its has been confirmed by Alton Towers that ‘Rita – The Queen of Speed’ will be the official name of Alton Towers’ latest rollercoaster, opening in the early part of the 2005 season. Sad news that the Blackhole will not feature in the 2005 ride line up has also been confirmed. Although the ride is in operation for the Winter Weekends over the ‘off season’, the ride has required extreme maintenance work over the past few years and the need for new evacuation routes have been discussed as reasons for removal.

21/11/04 – RITA – New coaster for 2005! – And construction pics

Alton Towers will be home to ‘RITA’ in 2005 – A brand new launched coaster in UG Land – the home of Corkscrew. The ride will launch riders, sitting in 4 seater cars from 0 to 100kph in 2.8 seconds using a hydraulic launch from the station. The ride will be built and manufactured by Intamin.
Click here for construction pictures and more info

1/11/04 – Alton Towers closes after successful 2004 season

Alton Towers theme park has now closed after a very successful 2004 season for the 2004/05 off season. The park will reopen 12th March – hopefully to the arrival of RITA – Alton Tower’s brand new launched rollercoaster. An Alton Towers Discovered 2004 season review will be available soon.

Site News and Updates

7/08/04 – New conference Centre page
Take a look at a review and a selection of pictures of the Alton Towers Conference Centre, a page that has just been added to the site, click here

6/08/04 – On ride photo gallery update

Many thanks to increasing amount of people who have sent in pictures in for the ongoing duel high score competition, the current leader is Mathew Elliot with a whopping score of 126800, if you have a picture with a higher score, send it to us and will we add you to the list! All of you who have sent me pictures in the past 3 months – the pictures are online now! Click here

1/01/04 – 2003 Season Review added

A 2003 review of last year’s season has been added with 2 new photo galleries, Halloween 2003 and Fireworks 2003. Click here for the review.

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